Getting Started

Quick Tips

The following are some quick Parenting Tips to start you on Your Triple P experience:

  1. When your child approaches you to show you something, it is important to give them your full attention. Your child will enjoy having your attention for frequent, small amounts of time.
  2. Children appreciate lots of physical attention such as holding hands and hugs. Giving your child lots of physical attention reinforces their self esteem and self assurance.
  3. Be sure to talk to your child about things they are interested in and share aspects of your day with them.
  4. It’s important to give your child lots of descriptive praise when they do something you would like to see more often.
  5. Children are more likely to misbehave when they are bored, so provide lots of engaging indoor and outdoor activities.
  6. Teach your child new skills, first by showing the skill yourself and then giving your child a chance to repeat after you.
  7. By letting your child know what the consequences are for breaking rules, you are setting clear limits on your child’s behavior.
  8. If your child misbehaves, stay calm and give them clear instructions to stop and tell them what you would like them to do instead. Praise your child if they stop.
  9. Have realistic expectations of yourself as a parent and of your child. No one is perfect all the time and children will, without doubt, misbehave at times.
  10. It is difficult to stay calm and relaxed as a parent when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Be sure to look after yourself, find time for yourself once a week and do something you enjoy.

Whether you are looking for tips on how to handle a specific situation, want some ideas on how to encourage your child’s healthy development, or have more complex family issues, Triple P can suit your needs.

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