How it works

There is no child or parent alike. Triple P offers solutions that can be adapted to multiple situations. You will receive practical information and professional support regardless of the extent of the challenges you are facing.

What's involved

Triple P is not "one size fits all." You can do as much — or as little — as you like. MyTripleP trained practitioners offer a variety of courses and levels of Triple P to meet the needs of all parents.

Including simple steps and routines, the Triple P toolkit allows you to determine the positive parenting techniques that are best suited to you and your child.

Where to begin

There are five different levels of Triple P programs. The levels range from focusing on specific issues covered over brief periods of intervention to courses covering all of the positive parenting strategies over a number of weeks.

Level 1

Represents general knowledge about Triple P. It refers to information shared on this website, advertising and any other promotion your may have seen.

In short, parents are always encouraged to start with a level-2 intervention and work up to the other levels only if needed.

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