Types of courses

The following descriptions should help you better understand what is available.

Not all types of courses are featured in the calendar. For more information or if you wish for us to assist you in selecting the best suited course, please contact your local provider.

Select Seminars Series

Level 2 – children 0–12, teenagers, children 0–12 with special needs

Each Select Seminar Series of three topics provides parents with general information about promoting their child’s development and serves as an introduction to Triple P – the Positive Parenting Program.

Each seminar lasts approximately 90 minutes including a question period at the end. These brief introductions to the Triple P strategies provide great ideas to try at home.

Brief Primary Care / Triple P Cafés

Level 2 – children 0–12, teenagers

Brief Primary Care uses Triple P tip sheets to introduce parents to strategies that may be helpful to them when addressing specific parenting issues. The tip sheets can be reviewed individually or in small groups called "Triple P Cafés".

A follow-up session is done by phone to inquire about progress made and to plan the next steps, if further support is desired.

Over 50 topics are available. Some parents decide to stay at level 2 to review multiple tip sheets while other parents decide to move to level 3 in order to learn more versatile strategies.

Primary Care

Level 3 – children 0–12, teenagers, children 0–12 with special needs

Triple P's Primary Care program teaches all of the positive parenting strategies for the specific age group and how they can be applied to various situations. Other tools, such as charts and behavioural routines, are also introduced.

This program is delivered in-home over four sessions.

Please note: At this time, Primary Care is only available to parents who are actively involved with a community partner agency that is able to offer this level as part of their service to the family.

Discussion Groups

Level 3 – children 0–12, teenagers

Triple P Discussion Groups are two-hour sessions held with 10 to 12 parents. Each discussion group focuses on a specific predetermined topic.

In a relaxed setting, the provider gives tips and suggestions for dealing with a child's problem behavior. Short video clips are watched, showing other parents successfully dealing with the same issue. Exchange between participants is encouraged but is not mandatory.

Each participant receives a take-home workbook with simple exercises and information to help implement the new strategies at home.

Stepping Stones Booklet Series

Level 3 – children 0–12 with special needs

Addressing 11 different topics, the Stepping Stones Booklets cater specifically to parents of children, 12 or younger, with a physical or intellectual disability.

Standard Program

Level 4 – children 0–12, teenagers, children 0–12 with special needs

The Standard Program is offered at home through 10 weekly two-hour sessions. It is available by referral only.

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Ask us about Triple P's adapted program!

Standard Groups

Level 4 – children 0–12, teenagers, children 0–12 with special needs

Standard Groups are made up of 10 to 12 parents going through similar situations. They are great opportunities to share stories and offer mutual support.

The provider gives tips and suggestions to fit the needs of each participant. Videos help demonstrate how the ideas work in real life. A workbook given to each participant includes the tools and information you need to start positive parenting right away at home.

Triple P Standard Groups are eight weeks long. For weeks 1 to 4 and 8, parents attend two-hour long in-class sessions with two practitioners. For weeks 5, 6 and 7, parents participate in 15-minute phone sessions with one practitioner to review how things are going in the home.

Are you Indigenous?
Ask us about Triple P's adapted program!

Enhanced Intervention

Level 5

When more intensive support is required, parents may be referred to Enhanced Triple P following a level-4 intervention.

Family Transitions

Level 5 – parent who is going through separation or divorce

Parents going through a separation or divorce benefit from learning about how it will affect their family dynamic and their parenting. This program is designed to help them manage their emotions, manage conflict and create balance between family, work and play.

The program consists of five weekly group sessions of two hours each. Following the Family Transitions program, it is best to participate in a level-4 Standard Group or Program.

Please note: This is not a mediation program. Courses are always offered with Group A and Group B running at the same time to allow for ex-partners to be in different sessions.

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