Developed in Australia, Triple P is now used in over 25 countries. The program proves its efficiency everyday within families of various cultures, economic classes and structures.

Language of resources

Since the program is strictly regulated at the national level, we are forbidden to translate resources locally. This ensures the accuracy of the concepts taught under the Triple P accreditation. This is why not all material is available in French. When a course is tagged as "bilingual", this means the resources (booklets, videos, etc.) will be in English while the discussion will be in French. Rest assured we include all French-language tools in our resources the moment they become available to us.

Triple P for Indigenous Families

Adapted versions of Triple P's level-4 Standard and Standard Group programs are now available to Canada's Indigenous families with children 0–12. Although these versions of Triple P have been adapted to Indigenous Australian families, the feedback provided by local families who have participated in it is quite positive. The programs cover the same material but use different books and videos. If you would like more information regarding the Indigenous version of Triple P, please contact us.

Usage of the word "Parent"

Please note that the word "parent" was used throughout this website for the sake of readability. It refers to anyone caring for a child including a biological father or mother, a step-parent, a foster parent, a legal guardian, a grandparent, etc.