Regardless of your situation at home, it is normal as a parent to have doubts. Triple P has proven its efficiency on multiple occasions. Take a moment to listen to what these parents have to say about their experience.

Testimonials of a few parents
(English subtitles)

"Outings are just so much easier and they are more pleasant."

"[Triple P] comes naturally after a while about what to do about the scenario and situation. It helps me be more confident as a parent."

Testimonial of a mother

"[Triple P] helps me to be a confident parent."

Testimonial of a father

"I thought it was going to be more like a chore (...) but it really helps you out. It makes everything much easier."

Testimonial of a mother

"I wish I could thank [whoever invented Triple P] because it took my son from one drastic situation to another. He's a completely different person."

Testimonial of a teen's father
(in French)

"The program gives ideas that help solve issues and improve things without conflict."

(loose translation)